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Quality policy

The Product and the Services are main elements of our Quality policy.

I - Product Quality:

Product Quality includes:
- Specifications, supplier audits,
- Controls
- Data storing (Analysis and claims)
- Interpretation and corrective action
First Atlantique has established specification with suppliers for all frozen seafood products.
Quality controls
Quality controls are made at different stages:
By our suppliers, at the origin, before the product leaves,
Once we receive the product, we launch analysis (independent laboratories).
Labels and legal mentions controls is also made in the warehouses when we receive products.
Data storing (Analysis and claim)
Suppliers are continually evaluated through regular analysis once we receive products. Analysis as well as claims data are stored.
The interpretation and corrective actions
If we meet a problem, we ask the supplier for explanation and corrective action.

II - Services Quality

The aim of First Atlantique is satisfaction of our customers:
- By  delivering safe products, in quantity and in time
- By securing merchandise in our stocks (and in our supplier’s stock too), in order to avoid out of stock,
And also,
- By reducing as lowest as possible number of claims,
- By answering quickly and precisely to all claims.

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Upstream traceability and Approval

Quality controls and Analyses by the service Quality of EFBS  and ADRIA